Why was La Viña out from SSS as commissioner?

Jose Gabriel La Viña also known as Pompee was one of the social media stars during the presidential campaign period. Eventually, he was given an opportunity to hold SSS as commissione who was not renewed by President Duterte.

What happened? Here is an official statement from the Palace.

From the Presidential Spokesperson –

On the non-renewal of SSS Commissioner Jose Gabriel La Viña

The President has mentioned time and again that he will not tolerate even a whiff of corruption.

President Duterte decided not to renew the term of office of SSS Commissioner Jose Gabriel La Viña, who is serving in a holdover capacity, based on the following grounds:

First, former Comissioner La Viña demanded a budget of P26M to fund his “social media” project with him as TV host. This was denied. He then requested for a budget of P1.6M per month for a media advertising program which was also denied.

Second, Mr. La Viña requested for the accreditation of 7 brokers to handle SSS investments. The accreditation was denied because these brokers could not meet the requirements.

Third, Mr. La Viña embarked on a vilification campaign against 4 SSS executives who crossed his path. Two of the 4 executives resigned and one is now a consultant of the Secretary of Finance.

Fourth, despite an ongoing investigation, Mr. La Viña called a press conference and spoke against these 4 executives.

Again, let this be a reminder to all public officials that the President is serious in curbing corruption and has strong resolve to promote good governance.

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