WATCH: Jugs, Vice Ganda crack joke on De Lima and Trillanes

The noontime show It’s Showtime was trending online around the world during its Saturday episode in celebration of the show’s 9th anniversary.

In their Saturday episode of its popular QandA segment, the male hosts Jong Hilario, Jugs, Teddy, Kid became the segment’s gay contestants.

At one point, host Vice Ganda poked fun of singer/host Jugs as he looked like a public official which according to Jong, ‘mukhang tiwali’.

“Para kang bloated na Leila de Lima. Parang hiyang ka sa loob. Anong masasabi mo kay Trillanes” Vice Ganda asked Jugs.

With the laughing and cheering studio audience, Jugs quickly answered.

” Oy, hinihintay ka na namin dito ” said Jugs referring to De Lima waiting for Trillanes capture.

The Makati RTC Branch 148 has yet to release a warrant of arrest against Trillanes for a non-bailable Coup de’at case.

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