WATCH: ‘Duterte’ entertains passengers inside taxi?

Ok, this is not the President Rody Duterte. He calls himself as ‘DuterteTwo’. His name is Elcias Bugsad, a taxi driver in Davao City.

A certain passenger of Eighty Eight taxi in Davao posted a video of Elcias who perfectly mimics the President’s voice while delivering Digong’s popular speeches. The video became viral and has gained over 1 million views on facebook.

According to Rachelle Oyette Dequina, who uploaded the video, she took the taxi from SM mall and had a good laugh until she got home. Well. her contagious laugh on the video says so. One passenger can also be heard saying they might get lost because the driver didn’t stop giving them funny punches as President Duterte.

” Ang sakit na sa dibdib ang problema sa bansa, tapos problema ko pa rin ang destination nyo. Sipain ko kayo!” DuterteTwo joked. Click below to Watch Video


Because of this, GMA Davao got him for an interview.

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