WATCH: Alonzo Muhlach proudly shouts his ‘Pro-Duterte’

Child actor and son of Nino Muhlach, Alonzo, looks he likes President Rody Duterte as he proudly shouted infront of the dignitaries who were present at the wake of the late Senator Ed Angara.

Alonzo and Nino were spotted coming towards a group where Duterte was chatting. Alonzo then greeted the President with a sweet “Hi Sir!”. As Nino tried to reach Duterte’s hand for a hand-shake, Alonzo took over and shouted with Duterte’s signature fist sign.

” I am a Pro-Duterte” he shouted which brought the people around to clap and left a big smile from the Philippine President.Click the link below to watch the video

” My Dad is also supporting Duterte” Alonzo added.

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