TIME accuses Duterte for paying trolls to gain popularity online

President Rody Duterte wins in TIME magazine 100 influential people around the globe with 5% total ‘yes’ votes leaving some influential people behind.

In a TIME news article about the poll, it accused Duterte for paying trolls to gain popularity online. Does it mean Duterte won the poll because of the trolls? Or because he is paying people on social media?

Here’s the screenshot of TIME story below

SCREENSHOT of TIME article which suggest Duterte is paying people to gain popularity online.


The 3rd paragraph reads: Duterte has been known to use social media to promote his agenda and has reportedly paid people to push him to popularity online.” 

The news item irked the supporters of Duterte in the Philippines who genuinely promoted Duterte to fame on social media for free.

DuterteNews.Com for instance is a solid supporter of the President but the group does not receive even a single cent from Duterte. We, as the social media warriors of Duterte denounce such allegation of TIME for misleading its readers by accusing the President without basis or credible sources.

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