The ‘Fuck You’ Diplomacy of Duterte

When I studied International Relations in MSU, my favorite subject was International Diplomacy and Foreign Relations. It is where I learned the art of diplomacy and appreciated how countries should behave in dealing with each other viz-a-viz the international bodies like the UN, EU, NATO, APEC, ASEAN etc. As we called ourselves Junior Diplomats then, we were exposed to the nitty-gritty of international protocols and other international treaties which trained us to act like a fine and cultured animals in our human interaction, never to offend our counterparts – we have to be respectful because the cornerstone of international diplomacy and foreign relation is “respect among nations and to treat each other as equals”.

Countries with bilateral relations appoint ambassadors to the host countries and even at the United Nations. Ambassadors do represent their respective countries and become the channel of communications on matters governing their relations. In case of problems between countries, the ambassador is summoned by the host country to explain. Otherwise, the diplomatic tie is severed and that the ambassador is declared persona non – grata and is sent home, thus, ending the bilateral relations. This act is reciprocated by the other country. It happened many times and this is reality in diplomacy.

The UN Charter, International Protocols and other treaties protect and respect the independence of all countries, big or small. One country does not interfere in the internal affairs of the other in whatever forms including commenting thereon, lest it will be considered as foreign intervention and oftentimes result to paux fas between governments which is a taboo in diplomacy.

So, given the diplomatic channels set in place in our foreign relations, why would Ban Ki Moon issue such direct statement condemning what is going on in the Philippines? The EU putting its nose on the drug war policy of Digong by issuing such resolution as attacking our government’s drug war? The United States asking for investigation of the Davao Death Squad after seeing a witness on TV implicating Digong to DDS? The Human Rights Watch asking for reinstatement of Sen De lima as Chair for the Senate Committee on Justice and Human Rights?….. Sanamagan… What happened to International Diplomacy 101? The last time I checked, we have a UN Representative based in NY. We also have Philippine Ambassador to US based in DC., and Philippine Ambassador to Brussels representing us in our dealings with EU. These bunch of morons ignored our representatives and chose to directly berate us in our face before the whole damn world that we are bunch of idiots who cannot run our country well and we have no respect for human rights! When a country attacks the government of Duterte it should be taken as an attack against the Filipino people. We belong to this government even if we are fighting against its policies!

When black people are being killed systematically in the US by police force, our government never issued a statement condemning it. For God’s sake, it’s a human rights issue! Where was UN? When European countries maltreated immigrants from Africa and Mid East countries affected by war, we never issued any statement condemning such either. It’s human rights atrocities for fuck sake! Where was UN? Our government chose to avoid commenting on those issues being internal to them. It’s a matter of respect.

But why on earth, when an idiot stood as witness in Philippine Senate hearing, implicating Duterte as behind the Davao Death Squad, the US State Department, UN, EU and others are in chorus asking for investigation of DDS, and for the EJK killings as if the witness’ testimony is the gospel truth…. Where is your brain people? Show some level of intelligence and if you don’t have any, at least show some respect.

Yet, we are a small country and no amount of protest at the halls of the UN or by lodging of diplomatic protest with the US and EU will help us. Our cries for equal treatment will definitely just fall on deaf ears. They will never respect us. This is discrimination and intervention, pure and simple. So, as President, do you expect Digong to just sit on his ass watching our country being pilloried before the entire world?

By calling Ban Ki Moon a “fool” maybe disrespectful. But this idiot disrespected our country first for meddling in our internal affairs in utter disregard of proper diplomatic channels. He bastardized international protocols. So he deserves the same level of disrespect. When Digong used the F word against the attack from EU, they deserve such human indignation for interfering in our domestic affairs. They won’t do it to China, Russia, Iran, UK, etc. because these countries can flex their muscles and they really bite in many forms which may severely affect the interests of these countries. In our case, we do not have muscles to show off, nor can we bite. But at least, we can bark. And that’s where Digong resorted to – Fuck You, EU!

I am happy that our President used this unconventional approach to Diplomacy – the “Fuck You Diplomacy” which should be looked into by Foreign Service practitioners as a weapon for small countries to resort to in fighting against discrimination and fend off intervention from Super powers and international bodies. By using this word, Digong gained the attention of the whole world and thereby exposing the discriminatory acts perpetrated by US, UN, EU and other international bodies for maligning our country and interfering in our internal affairs. This approach should remind them that small countries too deserve respect as enshrined in the UN charter and that super powers and international bodies should behave according to the universally accepted protocols and apply the time- honored principle of diplomacy among countries, big or small – equality among nations. | BY JUN AVELINO

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