Recount Update: BBM shocked on 5 water-proof boxes with ‘wet’ ballots in Leni’s territory

The recounting of Bongbong Marcos protest of the Vice-Presidential race against Leni Robredo has started, April 2. The first day has immediately revealed discrepancies with ballot boxes they found inside the Supreme Court.

Below is BBM’s full revelation after he discovered boxes with wet ballots inside. 

1. In election protests at the local level, it has been the practice of the cheaters to wet the ballots before recounting the votes.

This morning, upon entering the Supreme Court, we were surprised to find FIVE ballot boxes — the contents of which were soaked in water. All five ballot boxes were from Camarinas Sur, the hometown of Leni Robredo.

2. We find it ridiculous, almost laughable, that Robredo’s lawyer, Attorney Macalintal, readily explained that the reason why the ballot boxes were wet was because there was a storm in Camarines Sur.

The last storm in Camarines occurred FOUR FULL MONTHS AGO. Funny guy.

Here’s the most important part: what Macalintal seems to have forgotten is that not only are the ballot boxes 100% weather proof, they’re also waterproof. Unless the boxes were intentionally and maliciously tampered with, the ballots would have remained dry.

3. After doing everything in their power to delay this recount, Robredo’s camp suddenly spun their story and said they’re CONFIDENT she’ll win. What a strange and suspicious shift of tone after two years.

Now we know why.

“Tama na ang kasinungalingan. Tama na ang dayaan. Obvious na masyado.

This is about the fundamental principle that holds our democracy in place — our right to vote. THIS is what we are fighting for.” – Bongbong Marcos.

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