Otso declines 1 vs 8 debate, Sara reacts

The Otso Diretso senatorial candidates decline the challenge of Davao City Mayor Inday Sara Duterte for 1 vs 8 debate. Inday Sara tagged them as cowards.

“Hindi naman siya yung kandidato e. Ang kandidato yung mga kandidatong tumatakbo sa ilalim ng Hugpong ng Pagbabago (She’s not the candidate. The candidates are those running under the Hugpong ng Pagbabago),” former congressman Erin Tañada said when asked to comment on Duterte-Carpio’s dare.

“E kung balak po ni Sara na tumakbo, may 2022 naman e. 2019, yung mga kandidato niya ang humarap po sa amin (If Sara wants to run for elections, she can wait until 2022. In 2019, her candidates should face us),” Tañada added.

“Unfortunately, Mayor Sara is not running for the Senate. Ang gusto talaga namin makadebate yung mga kalebel namin na tumatakbo, yung mga tumatakbo para sa Senado (We want to debate those who are running for a Senate post like us),” FlorinHilbay said.

Samira Gutoc, however, suggested that Sara should not face the candidates but their campaign manager Kilo Pangilinan instead.

“Pwedeng Sara versus Kiko, who is our campaign manager. Senator Kiko” said Gutoc.

Oh well, until now Kiko Pangilinan didn’t say anything about it but we all know he is not going to self-destruct by debating with Sara.

Meanwhile, in Sara’s facebook account she said that Otso are dark and depressing.

“Ang tawag ani, talaw. (They are cowards). This is the hallmark of your group, dark, depressing, sad, very recently, dishonest. And now, cowards 😂 soon to be L 💩 (Losers?😂)

So why did thr Otso decline the dare? Maybe because they knew Sara will only be getting a lot of attention here (just like what they are attempting) and she might be able to gain so much light and shine for 2022. Well, they knew exactly that they can’t beat Sara.

Now that Otso declined, should we push for Kiko-Sara debate?