OPINION: Who’s shutting Rappler down?

While others are celebrating pit senyor, dutertards are also celebrating for the death of anti-Duterte website SEC Registration (still digging its own grave). Rappler is facing various violations in relation to Anti-Dummy Law.

We can summarise the 29-page decision of SEC’s revocation of Rappler’s registration to only few words. Rappler is owned by a foreign company called Omedyar Network that has been linked to destabilizing countries like Ukraine. Period.

The anti-administration particularly the Rappler reporters call to defend press freedom. That President Duterte is a dictator who kills democracy. That Digong is maneuvering to shut down critics. That Philippines is dangerous to journalists.

The chairperson of SEC, Ma. Teresita Herbosa, is an appointee of PNoy, therefore it was the appointee of the past administration who curtailed press freedom and not President Duterte’s admin.

Now that’s even more shocking! Pnoy’s appointee is finally working with a bang!

PRD is not a dictator. In fact, Maria Ressa can still operate. She can always create a brand new group. She and her rapplerettes can still tweet, post a status, and upload their stories to any outfit. No one is holding their rights to express. Facebook is always free.

No one is silencing them. It is just that, this digital media outfit is a violator of the Philippine constitution allowing foreign individuals to control mass media in the country.

The law is very simple, the government does not want aliens to control, shape and influence the people of this nation. This is a national security concern. My goodness!

Rappler will still be operating in the coming days as it has the luxury of time to find legal remedies on this matter. But hey baby, the end is near.

Let us just remind them that it is not Digong who is pressing the press but one of Pnoy’s buddies in Duterte’s time.

This is going to be Rappler’s last rap battle. Maria Ressa will not get back her ‘internet’.

To quote the yellow everwing man, Jim Paredes ” What a Great Day” indeed.

Break it down yo! | BY ALBERT EGOT JR.