How much does Kian earn from selling Shabu?

For Caloocan Chief, Kian was a drug courier. He was among the young ones who were used by bigger fish in drug trading in the city. He was 17 when the PNP drug ops shot him down.

While politics is covering the shadow of his death and capitalizing his innocence, authorities remain tough with their stand that Kian was into drug trading. The witnesses and their intel reports remain intact that even the presence of Leni, Hontiveros, Aquino and Trillanes cannot steal the facts the local PNP is holding – Kian earned from Shabu.

How much does Kian earn from selling Shabu?

“The 10 grams more or less cost P18,000, depending if it is high grade. Shabu sold in one pack is equal to 5 grams, which is P8,000 to P9,000. So they got two packs containing 10 grams with a value of around P18,000, which they recovered from Kian,” said Northern Police District (NPD) director Chief Supt. Roberto Fajardo.

“I am not saying they did not kill the boy. But let’s weigh the evidence. You mean the police would go all the way to Sta. Quiteria just to kill an innocent teenager? Maybe, just maybe, if the police really killed the boy as they claim, he could be involved in any way,” Caloocan Prosecutor Darwin Cañete said.

Caloocan City is one of the NCR cities declared by PDEA in 2015 with a 100% drug affectation rate. Meaning: All of its barangays at least have 1 drug user. Out of 188 Caloocan barangays, 90 were classified as “seriously affected by the use of illegal drugs”; 68 “slightly affected;” and 30 “moderately affected” (GMA News Online, October 22, 2015).

“What they used to call him is ‘addict’ and ‘pusher’. Now that he is dead, he suddenly became good,” Fajardo told reporters.

The PNP also said that they have Kian’s cellphone with old text messages of Kian and his clients.

In this fight, it is unacceptable to end a 17-year old’s life because he can be given another chance to stop the trade but if the investigation says Kian was also a gunner, I would forget how young he was.

Hope the dilawans would stop kill Kian several times so he can rest in total peace.

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