Look: Ocean of Duterte supporters in Iloilo

This is accordingly a Mar Roxas territory – Capiz and Iloilo. With how big the support of ilonggos they showed in a campaign rally of Rody Duterte Tuesday night, this looks like Duterte has invaded Roxas balwarte.

Mayor Duterte once again rocked the masses with his funny antics and his kind of delivering speeches to make the crowd roar in laughter.


Duterte also apologized to the people for his rape joke that has gone viral. He said he is asking an apology to the people and didn’t mean to hurt women. However, he also emphasized that he is not apologetic for having a bad mouth. Take it or leave it.

Duterte remained top in the latest ABS-CBN survey with Pulse Asia where he gained addition 3 points from the previous survey.

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