Why Leni deserves not to be invited in Miss Universe?

Vice President Leni Robredo who once landed on a fashion magazine and a chosen judge in BB Pilipinas 2015 is not part of the invited dignitaries in the upcoming Miss Universe this January 30.

Deserving? Yes.

Sometime in 2016, rumors have circulated on social media that Miss Universe 2016 would not be held in the Philippines because President Duterte mandated that the government won’t fund it.

When the Department of Tourism and some business tycoons finally took the steps to realize it, a certain women’s group urged the organizers not to hold the international pageant in the country as a sign of protest against Duterte.

“This reason is the objectionable, scandalous, and demeaning sexist attitude demonstrated by the newly elected leaders of our country, by no less than President Rodrigo Duterte, and his cohorts towards womankind.” said by a certain Annie Serrano, one of the petition organizers.CLICK THE COMPLETE LIST OF PETITIONERS BELOW.

So why does Leni Robredo not deserving to be invited in the coronation night? Because most of the names behind the said petition were her cohorts and campaign managers such as the controversial Loida Lewis, Etta Rosales, Cynthia Patag, Leah Navarro and many more. ( View Complete list of 260 women filed the petition)

DOT fought hard to realize it and so there’s no enough reason to reserve a seat for Leni who only good at attacking Duterte tagged him as disrespectful to women. If Leni only knew that in Davao, when Duterte was the Mayor then, he ordered a no-two-piece in a pageant every Kadayawan Festival. That’s how disrespectful the Mayor was, wasn’t he?

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OPINION POST by Albert Egot, Jr. | Photo by Richard Reyes