Duterte fires Laviña due to ‘corruption’

Campaign spokesperson of President Rody Duterte, Peter Tiu Laviña, has been fired as National Irrigation Administration head by no other than Duterte himself for allegedly receiving kickbacks as much as 40 % from NIA’s contractors.

On February 25, Duterte gave the audience of the Bangsamoro Transition Commission a hint that he fired somebody from Davao because he has succumbed to corruption.

“When I said there will be no corruption, there will be no corruption. As a matter of fact, I fired last night (Thursday) one taga-Davao  for simply making a remark. Sabi ko , he’s out. And I told him, even a whiff of corruption, talagang tatanggalin kita.” said Duterte. 

He didn’t name it but in a meeting with labor groups last Monday, an insider revealed that the President has fired Laviña.

Laviña went to his social media account to air his denial as the news broke down. He said that he resigned to spare the President for further embarrassment. Click to watch video below:

Duterte also sacked two  fraternity brothers from their post in the Bureau of Immigration last December 2016 due to corruption allegations.

Please go to 3:37 where you can first hear the President breaking such news regarding the corruption issue of a ‘Dabawenyo appointee’.

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