Mayor Inday Sara: ‘let us openly condemn NPA as a terrorist group’

Terrorists New People’s Army burned ten heavy equipment in Davao City used for government’s bypass road project, Saturday morning. Davao City Mayor Inday Sara hits the NPA for the recent attack. Below is the official statement of the lady Mayor.


We condemn the burning of 10 construction heavy equipment by the New People’s Army in three different villages of Davao City on Saturday.

The attacks were downright cowardly and indicate that the NPA is nothing but a terrorist group that deserves our collective rejection and condemnation.

The NPA’s revolution is one designed to undermine our democracy and development through its brand of egregious violence and extremism.

The construction of roads in Barangay Callawa in Buhangin, Barangay Fatima in Paquibato, and Barangay Dalagdag in Calinan are now temporarily stalled because of the attacks.

These road projects are being done by the City Government of Davao and the administration of President Rodrigo Duterte to end the condition of chronic poverty in the said areas.

The road projects could make the delivery of other basic services to the people faster — including health, education, agricultural development, and livelihood.

The said projects could change the lives of the people for the better.

The fresh atrocities reveal that the terrorist group only truly intends for people to continue living in a condition of poverty, which they could use as a capital in their propaganda against the government and to justify their presence in the communities where their influence and significance are waning.

And while at it, it is worth noting how this group’s recent attacks were also carried out as a retaliatory action to the refusal of the construction companies involved in the projects to give in to the pressure of extortion by the NPAs.

The military and the police have already been tasked to conduct appropriate actions regarding this.

Let me reiterate my previous appeal to the people of Davao and to our partners in the peace and development movement— let us support our soldiers and police and let us openly condemn NPA as a terrorist group.

More photos below from GMA One Mindanao.