Hontiveros ‘kidnaps’ Kian’s case witness?

Senator Risa Hontiveros is one of the yellow senators who visited the wake of Kian and who has been busy calling President Duterte to stop the war on drugs. Many supporters of Duterte questioned the ingenuity of Hontiveros’ support tagging her as ‘EPAL’.

Lately, the mother of one of the witnesses hits Hontiveros for keeping her child without her approval. Hontiveros has said that she will put the witnesses under custody.

When reporters reached the mother of one of the witnesses. On a phone call, this was her message aired on ABS-CBN:

Actually, hindi ko alam eh, hindi tama. Yun po yung isang foul dun eh. Bago po nila kukunin yung anak ko, kunin muna nila yung permiso sa akin kung papayag ba ako na sa kanilang panig ko ibibigay. Unang-una yang Hontiveros na yan, di po. Hindi ko po sya nakakausap. Hindi man lang niya hinanap kung pano makokontak ang ina ng witness dahil minor po siya eh.”

One of the parents also said that the minors were taken to a fast food chain then a staff of Hontiveros called their parents and signed a blank paper.

Clearly, this is an obstruction of Justice. Hontiveros office is not the right office to hold and protect a witness for Kian’s case. The Department of Justice or the Public Attorneys Office should be the agencies that are responsible for them.

This only manifests that there is a bigger agenda behind the fake empathy of Risa. She seeks no justice for Kian. She wants Duterte to go down using the death of Kian.

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