WATCH: What happened seconds before Sass confronts BBC?

While the mainstream (both major and minor) media feast on Sass Rogando Sasot who confronted Jonathan Head, a BBC reporter, many pro-Duterte still believe that there was more than that spliced video reported on TV.

ABS-CBN for instance just picked Sass statement tagging Jover Laurio as minor blogger who was able to be given platform by the BBC without even getting Sass’s side who, together with Thinking Pinoy, revealead Laurio as behind the libelous blog¬†Pinoy Ako Blog.¬†CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW.

Sass was invited by Holy Cross of Davao College last November 16 to talk about breaking the waves of history. Sass was asked by a local blogger as to what happened few moments before Sass confronted Jonathan Head.

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