FIRST LOOK: Inside Duterte’s BPI account

Presidential frontrunner Mayor Duterte earlier said that the allegation of Sen.Antonio Trillanes IV was a garbage and he would not exert his energy to the accusation but the media kept on highlighting the issue which prompted them to go back and answer Trillanes.

The senator challenged Duterte to sign a waiver and open his bank account because he was sure that Duterte has P211 million hiding in BPI Pasay branch.

Now, for the first time, the Duterte camps allowed the media to take a glance on his bank statement which shows that Duterte has only P27,000.

Earlier, Duterte said that he has only P17,000 but because of his bank account has been exposed after Mar Roxas ordered to deposit P500 to prove that the account exists, Duterte supporters also made their own effort to help the Mayor and deposited an amount also.

This is the bank statement obtained by the media and shared on the social media.

BPI account

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