Faeldon repeats face off dare with Trillanes

Former Philippines Marines Captain Nicanor Faeldon today reiterated his challenge to his fellow mutineer and now Senator Antonio Trillanes IV to a face-off so the Filipino would know who between them is lying.Faeldon said he is certain that Trillanes, his former detention cellmate, will not accept his challenge because “I will unmask him before the entire nation as the “Undisputed Heavyweight Champion of Lies.”

Faeldon, who was one of the six ring leaders of the failed coup called the Oakwood Mutiny in 2003, along with Trillanes, has earlier accused the Senator of being corrupt for agreeing to be the attack dog of the administration to bring down presidential frontrunner Rody Duterte.

Faeldon said Trillanes has a history of corruption as proven when he solicited and received money from big name politicians during the time they were detained at the ISAFP Detention Centre for their role in the Oakwood Mutiny.

He said he was present when then Cong. Imee Marcos visited their detention cell to deliver a boxful of money and he quoted her as telling Trillanes: “Sonny, eto na kung request mo” pointing a Red Ribbon box which contained money.

Faeldon sent MannyPiƱol an image of the roundtable including the images of people who were in that roundtable when then Cong. Marcos came.

He said that pictures were arranged in the same way they were seated that day in 2004 when Trillanes received the money from Cong. Marcos.

Faeldon added that Trillanes also received money from Senator Jinggoy Estrada who is now detained at the Camp Crame Detention Cell on charges of corruption.

Faeldon also accused Trillanes of betraying the country by selling off the Scarborough Shoal to China after a series of trips made to that country where he met with top Chinese leaders.

He also sent picture of Trillanes seated with a person who appeared to be a Chinese official and Trillanes China contact identified as Graham Lim.

Faeldon also sent me a copy of his letter addressed to Trillanes:


Senator Trillanes, I have never been a Magdalo member! It is you who had been insisting on including my pictures and name in your rooster of troops. I never took a picture with the insignia of Magdalo. I have always been ashamed to be called and associated with Magdalo.

The genuine activities we did together to oppose wrongdoings in the government were never a Magdalo activity. It was the media that called us Magdalo. You and I tried to correct that with the media but they continued to refer to us as Magdalo.

You later organized your Magdalo organization as early as 2004 because of your political ambition and you started to receive money from these politicians which i strongly repulse.

My sense of history guides me that Magdalo doesn’t sit well in Phil revolution. This alone is enough reason never to associate myself with Magdalo. As early as 2004, when i watched you receiving money from politicians who doesnt represent the crusade that you are trying yourself to be (anti-corruption), it made me feel sick to be even just near you that’s why i escaped in 2005 to disassocite myself from you and all your self centered activities. In all my pronouncement with the media and with anybody, i said that i am not a Magdalo member and will never be one.

Yes, i am supporting the candidacy of Mayor Duterte. In fact, I am one of those who came to him very early and convinced him to lead this country to the change millions of Filipino people are envisioning. In one serious consultation with me, i learned from the Mayor that you wanted to be his VP candidate and he asked my thoughts about you, my reply was: “Senator Trillanes and you have the same public persona as matapang. Your tandem might be viewed as sobrang matapang by the people”. That was my only comment about you in reply to the Mayor.

Since 2004, when i repulse the real you, you tried to demonize me. But i kept my silence. When you run for Senate in 2007, i believed you were much better than the other candidates. Thats why you never heard me talk about this truth. However, you have evolved to become a champion of lies. You peddled your lies as if you are convinced that your lies are the truth. Because you want the truth, it is about time for the Filipino people to know the truth about you.

The Change that Mayor Duterte is about to bring into this country are dreams we both shared before. But the difference now is all your actions are clearly to serve your vested interest and all others are lip service to the Filipino people. This is what i have seen as early as 2004.

Today, look around you, where is CAPT GAMBALA, CAPT MAESTRECAMPO, LTSG LAYUG? Of the 6 of us, only you and Congressman Alejano believe in your illussions as they are all gone because of disagreement with you. You are a self-righteous person. You treat everybody who disagrees with you as wrong and your enemy. Let us go back to the main reason why i disassociated myself with you. Why did you request money from the Marcoses and Estradas? I challenge you, let us come out together and tell the people the whole truth about the things that we have shared before. How do we want this country to be changed? There are still a lot of lies that you are telling the people about us. In fact, most of your projections are directly opposite to what we wanted to do in 2003.

Mr. Trillanes, you are living in the world of lies.

– Nick Faeldon

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