WATCH: Leni reads ‘Digong Dilaw’ story to school kids

Vice President (alleged) Leni Robredo went to Manila Day Care Center to read a book titled Digong Dilaw before the school kids. In the story, it says that a certain Digo is so in love with yellows. His arms, skins, and eyes are all yellowish that the character loves every yellow food in the world.

Is this some kind of a conditioning to kids who don’t know current events and politics? What with the ‘Digong’ on the book?“Digong Dilaw” is the story of Digo, a lazy boy who is so enamored of the color yellow that he only ate food that are of the same color.

In the photos below, we spotted a group of young people wearing a blue shirt with a print on it that says “DUBREDO ARMY”. A little zoom to the photo, it writes as Duterte Robredo Army. Say what? SCROLL DOWN TO WATCH VIDEO BELOW


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