Dear Howie, here’s Marawi Rehab Plan you are looking for

Marawi City marks its first anniversary since it was attacked by Maute Terrorists Group. Howie Severino, a veteran journalist posted an instagram photo of his self in the Grand Mosque in Marawi with an intriguing caption. As in ‘Intriga’ much!

“Seven months after the end of the crisis, there is still no full explanation for the outbreak of the fighting, no rehab plan, bomb clearance is far from over, local residents say they have been kept out of the planning process, and a joke is going around that Marawi will be renamed China Town” said Howie.

But a simple research on the web and on government facebook pages will tell otherwise. The Rehab plan is quite big and possible. This time, it’s Japan who will give a helping hand.

Finance Secretary Carlos G. Dominguez on behalf of the Philippines, and Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) Chief Representative Yoshio Wada on behalf of Japan signed the 2-billion yen Grant Agreement for the rehabilitation of Marawi City.

The immediate response of our government with the assistance of Japan will construct the needed infrastructure projects to rebuild and help Marawi rise again.

Government unveils masterplan for rehabilitation of Marawi City

The plan shows new public spaces such as parks, malls, plazas, and streets. It also aims to preserve the Bato Ali Mosque where gun battles against the Maute groups took place.

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