Alejano: NPA attack part of Duterte’s plan for RevGov

Magdalo Representative Gary Alejano said that the series of New People’s Army attack nationwide is part of President Rody Duterte’s plan to push a revolutionary government.

He said that Duterte’s bloody approach to counter the NPA rebels will just justify the need for RevGov.

“Communist groups have long been waging acts to bring down the democratic government regardless of who the sitting president is, yet President Duterte immediately and comfortably appointed communist allies in the Cabinet and other high-ranking government posts,” he said.

“The repeated threats of declaring a revolutionary government by the President, his continuing relationship with the CPP-NPA-NDFP, and the disjointed and disparate policy against communist rebels are something to be wary about,” he added.

The congressman also believed that there will be a peace negotiation to be drafted this December which means Duterte continuously in a relationship with the rebels.

“In fact, as a result of these backdoor negotiations, a proposed simultaneous signing of agreements this December between the peace-negotiating panels is being prepared,” Alejano said.

“Alejano said: “It is puzzling that while President Duterte is lambasting the CPP-NPA in public, backdoor negotiations with the NDFP continue.”

“The people and other government institutions, particularly the military, should remain vigilant and critical [of] such machinations meant to violate the Constitution and destroy our democratic government,” he said.

Now, would you believe this solon who has been acting as shadow clone of Senator Trillanes? Duterte’s message was clear. He wanted to have peace with the rebels but the NPA seemed unapologetic and hard-headed. They continue to attack even the President Security Group vehicles while the peace talk in Netherlands was on-going. It was a clear manifestation that the rebels don’t want to end war with the government.

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